“Finally...a ‘Perfect Storm’ Product Creation Opportunity that Leverages the Limitless Designs
of AI-Generated Art Together with the 1,000’s
of Available Print-on-Demand Products!
Follow Along as We Explore the Entire Design Process to Create & Sell Your Own Physical Products Using AI Art!
From the Virtual Desk of Tony Laidig!

RE: POD Products from AI-Generated Art...

It is highly likely that, by now, you have seen the incredible art results that can be achieved by using the various AI-based art generators. It is now possible to generate amazing art results in nearly ANY artistic style, and for nearly ANY topic. Knowing which prompt words to use to achieve those results can be a bit tricky but not that difficult. And while it is “fun” to explore all the outputs that can be created by the various AI tools, there HAS to be more to it as an end result than just coolness factor!

These new AI-based technologies are game-changers for creating art for all types of products. An obvious use for the art is art prints or as illustrations for use in books. But the potential applications for this AI-generated art extend MUCH further! One such marriage of AI Art and Product Creation seems like a match made in Heaven...combining AI-based Art together with the thousands of print-on-demand products available today!

The AI technology has FINALLY matured enough to produce high-quality art that will work perfectly for producing apparel, home goods, drinkware, products for pets, office supplies and so much more!
Here Are a Few, Select Examples of AI-Generated Art That Could Easily Be Used for Creating Physical Products...
These examples represent an extremely small example of the types of art you can create for use with Print-on-Demand products. Honestly, the sky really IS the limit regardless of what your artistic interests are...IF you understand how to make the AI create the types of images you will need, and at the resolution, format, and aspect ratios you need!
“An Opportunity Like This Seldom Presents Itself!”

Throughout all 3 Modules, I will reveal the BEST art creation strategies, the best keyword prompts, and more that work best for creating print-on-demand products. I will also share the best POD companies to use, how to use their templates to achieve the best results, and MUCH more!
“Print-on-Demand AI Artistry”

Here is a more detailed description of what to expect from each module... 
  • Module 1: The Best Types of AI Art for POD 
        • Popular Image Themes for POD
        • Identifying What Types of AI Art Will and Will Not Work
        • Best Keywords / Prompt Phrases for Generating Art for POD
        • The Best AI Programs to Use for Generating Art for POD
        • And Much More!
  • Module 2: Preparing Your Art for Products
        • Upscaling and Retouching Your Generated Art 
        • Vector Versus JPG Versus PNG and Why
        • Understanding How to Prepare Your Art for Use With POD Templates
        • How to Generate Fast & Easy Mockups
        • And Much More!
  • Module 3: Best POD Selling Options 
        • Which Are the Best POD Platforms to Use
        • The Best Types of Products to Focus On
        • Building a Successful Product Brand
        • Connecting to the Best Sales Platforms
        • And Much More!
  • BONUS Module: Creating & Selling AI Art With Non-POD Products
        • Finding Other Types of Products to Use with AI Art
        • Finding Products From the Maker Space to Use With AI Art
        • Selling Your AI Art-Based Products Using Wholesale Channels
        • And Much More!
“The Possibilities Are Endless for Combining AI-Generated Art
Together With Best-Selling Print-on-Demand Products!”
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