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Follow Along Through the Entire Design Process to Create & Sell Your Own Inspirational Card Deck!
From the Virtual Desk of Tony Laidig!

RE: Your Own Inspirational Card Deck...

This morning, I drove my Jeep up into the mountains and parked next to the same stream in the same spot as I do every morning. I put down the window facing the stream so that I could listen to its amazing, beautiful sounds. I reached for a deck of cards, shuffled it, and picked one card. The card read, “Do Not Hide Your Light!” The accompanying booklet entry for this card said in its closing statement...“The world needs your light.” Wow! I thought, “Yes it does!” and spent some time meditating and journaling on that thought.

Were the cards magical? No! Was I embracing the dark side? No! It was just me alone in the woods, looking for some inspiration for the day! The card I drew was a part of that inspiration along with the deer I saw, the insights I gained, and the beautiful sun shining down spreading its warmth!

The truth is that we could ALL use inspiration...every one of us. That inspiration may come from many, many things: your favorite scriptures, photos of Nature, illustrations of animals, sets of numbers... the list is nearly endless! What is even MORE amazing is that, in addition to receiving inspiration, we can also offer it as well! How? By combining imagery and words into card form to offer stories of hope, love, and inspiration. These cards can be referred to using many different titles, from Scripture Cards and Angel Cards to Oracle Cards and more! Each of us has insights that can benefit those around us. Each of us can encourage and give back some of the wisdom we have received ourselves.

Along those lines, I have decided to create my OWN deck of Inspirational Cards using my own art, photography, and inspiration. I am calling my first deck “Spirit Animals” and this is YOUR invitation to join me in the process of creating them. You will see the process first-hand you will gain the skills and insights to create your own deck of inspirational cards as well! While these types of cards have been around since the 18th Century, I plan to use today's technologies to easily create the entire deck from scratch!

In the craziness of life today, we need more inspiration and guidance now more than ever! It's one of the reasons that the self-help, spiritual, and metaphysical markets are growing exponentially! Even on Kickstarter, nearly early every deck shared there to gain backing is funded in just days if not after just a few hours! And with the skills that I will be demonstrating, and with the methods shared, you WILL be able to create your OWN inspirational deck as well!

Below are a few early examples from 1796 versus my test designs for my own deck!
Please note that while many of my trainings take a broad approach to a given topic with included demos, THIS course will be different! You will have the opportunity to follow along with what I am designing and creating for my OWN deck while explaining what I am doing and why!
“Just ONE Case Study to Create One Deck..”

Over the course of 4 Modules, you will watch me work methodically to create the various components required for a complete deck...the card designs, the booklet text, the box for the cards, and more!
“Create and Sell Your Own Inspirational Card Deck!”

Here is a more detailed description of what to expect from each module... 
  • Module 1: We begin with the card designs. While I have established a direction for the card design, there is still much to design and create from scratch. We will cover:
        • Choosing specs for cards
        • Deciding on the card theme
        • Determining what to include for each card
        • Choosing art style
  • Module 2: We focus on the Guidebook in this module. This is where we create and provide further clarity and definition for the meaning of the cards, as well as best practices, including:
        • Designing and Creating the Guidebook Interior
        • Your Guidebook Introduction
        • Writing Your Description Entries for the Cards
  • Module 3: In this module, we continue with the Guidebook...this time focusing on the physical design and layout of the book:
        • Planning Your Guidebook Layout
        • The Best Layout Software
        • Elements Included in Your Guidebook Layout
        • Getting Your Guidebook Ready for Print
  • Module 4: Packaging and printing are the primary focus, with getting everything ready for final production. We will look at:
        • Designing the deck box
        • Preparing everything for print
        • Uploading files to print
        • Approving proofs
  • BONUS: As Always...All the Training Slides as Downloadable PDFs.
  • BONUS: Updated Photo-to-Art Checklist & Best Public Domain Stock Image Sites.
  • BONUS: Pre-recorded demo videos for creating several cards using different styles (over 3 hrs.).
“The Possibilities Are Endless with Inspirational Card Decks...
and It Is Time That the World Benefits from YOUR Inspiration!”
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