“The Fastest Formula in 2023 for Getting Your Printables & POD Products in Front of Nearly 100 Million Active BUYERS!
The Setup • The Research • The Products • Step-by-Step from ZERO to Products Ready to Sell!
From the Virtual Desk of Tony Laidig!

RE: Is Selling on Etsy Even Still a Thing?

If you plan to create and sell Printables or Print-on-Demand products in 2023, Etsy should definitely be a part of your selling formula...YES, even if you have your OWN Shopify store or are selling on other platforms! Why? It's simple, really. Selling printables and print-on-demand products on Etsy offers a unique set of advantages compared to other options. 
  • Etsy is a well-established marketplace with a large and engaged audience of nearly 100 million active buyers, giving you the opportunity to reach a massive customer base and grow your business. 
  • Offers a variety of tools and resources to help you succeed, including print-on-demand services, advertising options, and analytics to track your sales and traffic. 
  • Etsy provides you with a powerful platform to build and grow your business, and reach customers who are interested in buying YOUR unique Digital & Physical products!
Plus, with what we can create today using AI Art & Writing Platforms, you now have the ability to create a nearly limitless supply of printables and POD-based products for nearly ANY niche! I am doing this myself for multiple niches and desire to demonstrate exactly HOW you can take this same approach as well!

BECAUSE everything is changing so rapidly (including Etsy itself) I decided to create “Etsy Product Formula!”
Here’s just a glimpse of what I will cover in “Etsy Product Formula”:
  • How to set up and build your Etsy store from scratch...step-by-step
  • ​How to connect Printful (the top POD company) to your new Etsy store
  • ​Follow along as I build my OWN specialty Etsy store to sell Printables & Print-on-Demand products
  • ​How to create designs that stand out and appeal to your target audience
  • ​The best practices for optimizing your Etsy shop and showcasing your products
  • ​How to effectively market and promote your products using social media, email marketing, and other channels
  • ​The secrets to providing excellent customer service and building a positive reputation on Etsy
  • ​How to use Etsy's advertising options to reach a larger audience and drive more sales
  • ​And much more!
This webinar series is the perfect opportunity to get the support, guidance, and knowledge you need to build a successful Etsy business selling printables and print-on-demand products. 

I have pre-recorded Module One (for privacy reasons), but the live-taught webinar sessions is where we dig into the details! And, of course, you will have lifetime access to ALL the recorded sessions...everything you need to take your business to the next level!
“An Opportunity Like This Seldom Presents Itself!”

Throughout all 3 Live-Taught Modules, you will be able to watch over my shoulder as I build my own new store, create products for it, and set it up for SUCCESS! You will see the niche I chose, learn why I chose that niche, and see how I leverage the latest product creation tools to stock my store with “Hands-Off” products to sell!
“Etsy Product Formula”

Here is a more detailed description of what to expect from each module... 
  • Module One: Step-by-Step Setup of My Etsy Store from Scratch (Pre-Recorded)
        • In this pre-recorded video (for privacy reasons), I will take you through the initial setup
           process for a brand-new Etsy store!
        • Etsy's setup process has changed, so you can follow along to discover precisely how to set
    your OWN store!
        • How to connect Printful to your new Etsy store.
  • Module 2: Finish Your Store Setup & Printables 
        • Choosing a Niche 
        • Branding and Style for Your Store
        • Choosing Printables Product Ideas
        • Create Your First Printables
        • Add Your Printables Products to Your Store
        • And Much More!
  • Module 3: Setup & Creation of Your POD Products
        • Final Setup for POD (Printful)
        • Preparing Your Art for POD
        • Create POD Products to Sell
        • Titles, Descriptions, & Mockups
        • And Much More!
  • Module 4: Promote Your Awesome Products & Store 
        • Promotion Strategies for Social Media
        • Paid Ads or Not?
        • Building a Community
        • Consistent Intentional Action
        • And Much More!
“The Possibilities (and Opportunities) Are Nearly
Endless for Building a Nearly Hands-Off Etsy Store!”
As an Introductory Offer, I am sharing a special, discounted rate to make it as easy as possible for you to join me for the LIVE training! TODAY, You Can Join Me for “Etsy Product Formula” for just $297 $197 $97! 
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Please Note: Module One is being offered as a pre-recorded module so that I can easily edit out the entering of my private financial & personal details. Modules 2 - 4 will be taught LIVE!
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